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Shaun's First Fundraiser

A Message From Shaun

Who's Shaun Manning?

 I was born to Thomas and Eileen Manning in March of 1966.  I have lived in Portland for the last 53 years. After graduating Portland High school in the Spring of 1985, I moved out to Midland Michigan to study Business at Northwood University.  It was at Northwood where I learned the importance of a strong, “small” government.  There are only three things that taxes should be collected for - Education, Infrastructure, and Public Safety. 

  • Education: Providing adequate and appropriate funding for our public school system which includes the buildings, educators and teaching supplies. I will work closely with the Board of Education to make sure our resources are being used in the best possible way. 
  • Infrastructure:  Maintaining and making our roads, sewer and water systems safe. Spending money on upgrades and not just continuing to repair failed systems. 
  • Public Safety: Continuing to support our Police and Fire Departments by funding the latest technology and equipment needed to do their jobs and to protect your family and property.

If we can maintain a stable mill rate and concentrate on funding for what we need, as opposed to what we want, our property values will rise and our tax base / revenues will increase over time. This a long term plan that won’t happen overnight, but I know this is what Portland needs.

The other day someone asked me why I formed the Back to Basics committee and why “I just didn’t try to run with the Republicans to defeat Susan?” My answer is that over the past several years, while debating whether or not to run for first selectman, no matter who I talked to said the same thing in different ways - "we need to get our taxes under control."

I then started to talk to different people and asked them to join my team. The Back to Basics committee consist of liberals, conservatives and individual thinkers. We range from our early 20’s and older; we think and discuss out loud and come up with ideas that we think will make Portland a better place for the future. None of us are perfect, but we all share the same thing - the love of this town. With that said we welcome anyone that would like to join us!!

I have been told that I have a long road ahead of me and I knew that from the day I announced my intentions to run for First Selectman. So, I am asking every one of you for your support in getting the word out to your friends and families to help grow this committee.  Let’s show the Town of Portland that we have it's best interest at heart!

Thank you for checking out my website and if you like our message, please feel free to share it with your friends and invite them to our next event.

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